Monday, July 20, 2015


  Choice is a luxury that was said to be afforded to mankind by whomever you believe created us in this universe. Almost any person, religion, country, and race would agree that choice is pretty much the essence of determining if one is free. Freedom some say is not really free and almost always comes at a cost. Then if choice is indeed the essence of freedom, well then having the chance to choose must inevitably be associated with a cost also. I know, you like I thought this was hip hop blog, not philosophy class, but well I had to set this all up for the point.

 And the point my good readers, is that we often choose bullshit in many aspects of our lives. More specifically, when it comes to radio and urban music, we choose to solicit and support bullshit. Even worse, after people choose the bullshit, they often complain about the very bullshit they choose to endure, when they indeed have the freedom to choose otherwise. Can you tell where I am going with this? Of course you can, so let me cut to the chase.

  I’m done complaining and criticizing terrestrial FM Radio as we know it for the content its airs. I can no longer blame any on air personality, program director or any entity at any station for what they play. I had this epiphany as I was riding in my car one day about 2 years ago, and all three of the major FM radio stations for urban music in the area were literally ALL PLAYING THE SAME SONG. I clicked the internet radio app on my phone, plugged in my auxiliary cable so I can hear it through my car speaker and never looked back.

  It was then that I realized I have had the choice all this time to not listen to those stations, but somehow their enormous presence made me feel like I didn’t. For some reason I gave them a power over me that I could have easily severed years ago. I don’t know why I felt like I had to listen to them, as if I had no choice when I clearly did like millions of others. Even though I live in this high tech age, when it came to radio, a technology that has been around over a hundred years, I just stuck with the status quo. Yet, I pretty much hate all the commercials, same songs and censorship associated with the platform. It’s like going to a restaurant and giving up my seat to a white guy in 2013 just because he asked for it. The sheer ridiculousness of it made me feel stupid.

  Why did I make all those Facebook post about Radio, and how it sucks? What was the point really? We all know that the “programming” of radio in its inception had sinister plots behind it for various propaganda campaigns. It was so powerful because it was the only option, but now we have choices. Why would someone still choose to listen now if they don’t really like it? The bottom line is, if you don’t like FM Radio you can simply choose another form of radio. I can’t stress the word SIMPLY enough. It used to be that other options were not as accessible before, but that is just not the case now.

   I don’t want to downplay the power of the corporations behind the platform, but in the end bullshit radio is as powerful as the people make it. The more I hear people complain about it, the more confused I get as to why it’s still around. Just like cable phased out analog signals and the mp3 is bringing about the end of the CD, I firmly believe internet radio will ultimately put down the media juggernaut that is FM radio. They of course will adapt, they have already by starting online versions of their platforms. But just as NBC, CBS, and ABC had a strangle hold on TV, soon Clear Channel and Radio One owned stations will have share the listeners far more to the internet radio stations, They are the new radio version of what would be FX, AMC, USA or TNT. They are the OPTIONS.  XM or satellite radio would be the proverbial HBO, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX version in this little comparison since they are great, but not free and come with subscriptions.

  I do need to point out why the music industry professionals give so much credence to the format: MONEY. They all have a financial stake in making sure FM reigns supreme as the most important radio format. All the backroom payola deals, the fact that entities like Neilson BDS don’t really count internet radio spins (NO THEY DON’T, LOOK IT UP) are just a few reasons why. They don’t care for any format that the big wigs can’t control. So they downplay it as not "REAL" radio. But once you listen to a good internet radio station, you realize they have been feeding you bullshit. You have been drinking their Kool-Aid too long.

  I am here to tell you to take the red pill. Choose something else if you don’t like what you hear on another platform. Many online stations have commercial free music. Some have great and funny on air personalities. Some have contest, celebrity guest, great news spots, sports highlights and more. You have a choice now to what kind of radio you listen to. If you choose to listen to bullshit radio, then it’s not bullshit radios fault, it’s your own. You can no longer complain about FM and their programming. To do so now would be like crying about being broke but not wanting a job, pretty ridiculous. We choose what we listen to. This is not the 50’s, you don’t have to listen to the same 20 songs all day. Not even in your car.

-BLIZM (Program Director, K-100 Radio)

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